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Nov 27 2011 "Little Red Wagon" Trailer Screencaps

I've finally had some time to make screencaps of Chandler's scenes in the "Little Red Wagon" trailer (which, if we're being honest, is pretty much every scene in the trailer), and add them to the gallery.

Nov 05 2011 FringeBloggers.com Awards

The people over at FringeBloggers.com put together the "Fringe" Season 3 Awards, in which fans of the show could vote online. Guess what? Over 300 fans voted for Chan in the category Best One Episode Guest Performer. He got the first place with 61% of the votes! Talk about a fan favorite. Let's hope the producers see how much fans love our young Peter and bring him back to the show!

Oct 29 2011 "Little Red Wagon" Gallery Update

Just a quick update to let you know that I've added some new photos of "Little Red Wagon" to the gallery (and they are all in HQ!). I think I'll never get used to seeing Chandler with red hair!

Oct 09 2011 New layouts!

To celebrate the fact that Chandler booked two new movies, I decided to give the site a new look! And that's not all... The gallery has a new look as well! What do you guys think? Don't forget to leave me a comment in the tagboard with your thoughts. Also, I want to thank my amazing friend Juli for the inspiration.

Oct 01 2011 New Movie: "The Goats"

Chandler just booked the male lead role in D.J Caruso's movie "The Goats", based on a novel by the author Brock Cole. Annalise Basso got the female lead role. Filming is supposed to start this month in Georgia. You can read more about the movie here. Below is a summary of the book/movie (it seems like super interesting story!):

A boy and a girl are stripped and marooned on a small island for the night. They are the "goats". The kids at camp think it’s a great joke, just a harmless old tradition. But the goats don’t see it that way. Instead of trying to get back to camp, they decide to call home. But no one can come and get them. So they’re on their own, wandering through a small town trying to find clothing, food, and shelter, all while avoiding suspicious adults—especially the police. The boy and the girl find they rather like life on their own. If their parents ever do show up to rescue them, the boy and the girl might be long gone.


Sep 22 2011 "Little Red Wagon" Trailer

The trailer for "Little Red Wagon" was released a couple of days ago! It looks like the film is very heartfelt and inspirational. And you're in for a little shock, because Chandler looks so different in this movie... You can watch the trailer below. Also, the movie is going to have four screenings at the Heartland Film Festival. Click here to see the dates.

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