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1. "Meanwhile, Canterbury is a serviceable child actor, who handles a fairly heavy dramatic load with relative ease."
- Pajiba

2. "... Kelsey (wonderfully played by Chandler Canterbury)."
- GordonAndTheWhale.Com

3. "Chandler Canterbury as Kelsey is excellent. He plays a character that is neglected and verbally and physically abused. While Alan and Ben like to keep to themselves, Kelsey seeks out their company and friendship and eventually breaks down their walls. Canterbury did have a decent amount of lines, but what really struck me was his ability to convey his emotions and feelings when he had no lines. I find it remarkable that kids so young can have an understanding of what their characters are going through. They more than likely have no experience in their own lives to relate to their characters. I am sure Canterbury will have a long acting career in front of him."
- Lost In Reviews

4. "... as Canterbury steals the show with the film's best performance."
- Smells Like Screen Spirit

5. "... but there's a tear jerking moment in "A Bag of Hammers" from Chandler Canterbury that will tug at any dark heartstring."
- Film Threat

6. "Speaking of Kelsey, Chandler Canterbury did a great job with that character. I have seen him in several films before including Knowing and I really think he has a solid career ahead of him."
- MovieManMenzel.Com

7. "Young Chandler Canterbury has the sort of open and inno­cent face that could melt a heart of stone. Or two."
- Toronto Screen Shots

8. "... including stellar performances by Jason Ritter, co writer/star Jake Sandvig, as well as a captivating performance by young Chandler Canterbury."
- Ain't It Cool News

9. "Little Chandler Canterbury is a huge find, hitting all the right notes as a young kid who knows he's on the precipice of some tragic stuff but refuses to sink into himself."
- Moviefone

10. "Finally, the young Chandler Canterbury manages to be everything an actor his age could hope to achieve. He is engaging without being cute and smart without seeming too annoyingly precocious."
- Why So Blu?

11. "Chandler Canterbury, who was 8-year old Benjamin Button, is pretty incredible as the kid who comes into the lives of these con men. He's asked to do some very heavy lifting, emotionally, and he nails it. Like Sandvig and Ritter (who also, by the way, has a massively demanding emotional scene that he simply nails), Canterbury gracefully dances around the film's varying tones, all while avoiding simple sentiment and tear jerking."
- Badass Digest

12. "Special consideration should also be paid to young Chandler Canterbury who was born with a child actor's name but never resorts to any of the contrivances many of his young colleagues do. He nails a pivotal scene in the movie and with that, we're with him for the rest of the ride (it's as much his movie as it is Sandvig and Ritter's)."
- JoBlo.Com

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